About Silicon Valley

Sep 3rd 2013
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"A state of mind"

Silicon Valley is the popular name for the high-tech region at the southern end of San Francisco Bay. Originally described as the region from San Carlos in San Mateo County to San Jose in Santa Clara County, its span has grown to encompass any municipality in the Bay Area that can benefit from the association. Derived from the silicon raw material used in computer-chip manufacturing, it was adopted from a trade newspaper article in 1971.

An article in Atlantic magazine identified the geocentric center of Silicon Valley in 1983 as the former site of the first HQ building of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) at 901 Thompson Place, Sunnyvale.

Formerly known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight for its proliferation of orchards, this former bountiful agricultural area now reaps a different harvest as a world famous center of entrepreneurship and high-tech innovation. Although, as proclaimed by historian Kevin Starr, Silicon Valley is no longer a state of geography but a state of mind shared by entrepreneurs from Berlin to Bangalore.

This app is a guide to the companies, institutions, people, places and ideas that played a role in the birth of the region.

Please let us know if it meets your expectations or if you have any ideas for changes or additions via the "Comments" icon at the bottom of each page.

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